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Recent Events

Galveston, TX  03/23/2024

The Hike for Hope raises awareness (and funds!) to help promote suicide prevention and education in our community.  Members present: Diane Manley (representing The Gulf Coast Center) is being honored for her contributions on the planning committee for Hike for Hope - Galveston, Shari & Gary Forward, Mona Benton, Moe Mays, Steve Shriek, Kirk Tinker, Mikala Halbrook and Jenelle Anderson (also representing The Gulf Coast Center and our team), and Heather Gates who was part of the HFH Planning Committee.  Craig Brown, the Mayor of Galveston, was also speaking at the event.

League City, TX  10/19/2023

Our team (and their spouses) as well as several of our Board members, gathered together for a fun afternoon at Axe Master’s where we threw axe’s, ate some great bar-b-que and shared important team information.  It was a wonderful time of stress relief, laughter and catching up with our team in such a relaxed and fun setting.

GCCISM Is In Baytown, TX  9/25/2023

Thank you to the Baytown Police Department #baytownpolicedepartment for recently having us over to teach a course in Critical Incident Stress Management. It was great to have students who were eager to learn about CISM and work on new skills that they may use to help support their peers in times of crisis.

GCCISM Is In Lakeway, TX  8/22 - 8/25 2023

Sharing a glimpse 2 unforgettable CISM classes a(Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention) held at the Lakeway, Texas Police Department late last month.

This was truly a gathering of passionate learners, on a journey to enhance their expertise and skills in the world of Peer Support and Critical Incident Stress Management. The energy and enthusiasm were contagious in this class as everyone delved into the realms of CISM and Peer Support. The classes were taught by our very own Shari Forward who also learned and enhanced her knowledge right along side her students.

These photos reflect not just the insightful sessions and engaging discussions, they show the camaraderie (and breath of fresh air silliness) that blossomed as they exchanged ideas and experiences. This class was an embodiment of the power of learning and collaboration, a place where questions were welcomed, knowledge was shared, and growth was inevitable.

From Shari: "Here’s to the remarkable memories that were made, and the knowledge we gained during this class. I love to embrace the beauty of learning! Thank you to all the students and to the Lakeway Police Department, their Chiefs, supervisors, and all the helpful and passionate folks at the department.