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Gulf Coast Center: 24HR CRISIS HOTLINE: 866-729-3848
Staffed by Qualified Mental Health Professionals

About the Galveston County CISM Team

We have all experienced crisis, trauma, and difficult situations, and sometimes we need some help coping! Please take advantage of our CISM team! We are here to assist you and your agency. We have peers, mental health clinicians, chaplains, spouse peers, and more. Never feel alone or abandoned.  We are a brotherhood and always here to help.

Need Help? Call Us

To request the team's services please call: 


For more information, please contact us:

Shari Forward

Team Leader & Peer

Amanda Groller

Clinical Director

What is CISM?

 Critical Incidents are highly stressful situations.  Simply put, a critical incident is a traumatic event (or perceived life-threatening event) that has sufficient power to overwhelm an individual’s ability to cope. Normal physical and psychological responses occur which places considerable pressure upon that person.

How Can We Help You


Resources, articles, links, and, information on crisis management, trauma, stress, and other mental health issues


Information on training, certification, educational opportunities, and continuing education


Learn more about the services our team provides including crisis response, chaplaincy, peer support, referrals, and more.


Please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or would like to learn more about our team.


Who We Serve

Law Inforcement
911 Dispatch
Fire Service
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Contact Us

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